You are a composer? We would like to join our Union?

To join the «International Union of Composers — XXI Century» must be sent to the post office newsletter.

It introduce themselves, talk a little bit about myself, familiarize with their creativity, to mention where I studied, where they worked, where published, which projects led or took part in them, if you have a website or a personal page on the Internet, it’s a resource that would receive from joining our Union, etc. etc.

Agree it is not so much. We are pleased you, but when a person says something like: «I am Inessa Izoldovna Rosenberg, I’m a composer, I want to be a member of the Union» … — this information is not enough …

Eligibility for membership in MSK21VEK (click to jump to the relevant page)
A few words about the membership in the International Union of Composers XXI CENTURY

Composers’ Union may be a member of any professional composer, having in its portfolio of relevant work (See «Eligibility»). When applying, please apply we or music notation material, or recording (link to recording) of your works. After reviewing the material provided by the International Commission (no more than 7 working days) it makes a positive or negative verdict, as the notice goes to the candidate.

In the case of a positive decision, the composer is assigned an identification number and is entered in the base of the organization.

Membership in the International Union of Composers XXI CENTURY — free. No registration, no annual or any other fees are not provided. The above relates to the basic options — consideration of the application and making in the Union registry. There are optional advanced options, below.
Note: There are experimental section (some light genres) where provided for one-time administration fee. In this case, to issue a certificate as is required with a note indicating the musical composer of specialization.
the term «candidate» put From the autumn of 2016. The candidate is a person who possesses, according to the international commission, professional composer’s skills, but does not provide (or have provided in insufficient quantity) necessary musical materials and various forms of music. Subsequent completion of missing, the candidate is assigned the status of a full member of the International Union of Composers XXI CENTURY.

At the request of a particular composer (Full member or candidate) — consisting of the Union of Composers, stakeholders, we verbally or in writing (. By e-mail) confirm or deny membership signified, if the requested data on the face is not in our database.

IMPORTANT: The request must be made by or on the official letterhead of the organization, or corporate e-mail. Individuals and personal email address information is not provided.

There is a form of the issuance of «paper» certificate. Certificate (essentially a membership card) is a format of a sheet of paper slightly smaller than A4. The certificate shall specify to whom, when and by whom it is issued, the certificate number is printed and signatures of responsible persons (usually someone from management and one of the executive secretaries)
This certificate may be required. In most cases, it is vital for young, making its way, composers. Sometimes it is not given the option to request a potential employer (or a person) to call \ write in the «International Union of Composers XXI CENTURY». But the license issued by a certificate signed by the responsible persons and the seal of the organization, can act as a powerful argument in favor of the decision.
Certificate in Portfolio. Many held and commercially successful composers also expressed a desire to have a document that they could invest in its portfolio. Such a document, of course, have a positive impact on the overall reputation.
Grande and tenders. Periodically, the International Union of Composers XXI CENTURY receive information and application for writing music. Org-committee of the Union reserves the right to recommend those or other composers for execution of orders, according to the profile of a composer, as well as the requirements for the customer. In carrying out tenders for the execution of works, the tender documentation as not sent to all members of the Union, and in accordance with the profile of the composer and the information given in his personal card.