In connection with the increased sharply in recent years the number of applications for entry in the «International Union of Composers of XXI Century», and thus, often, extremely low level of the material, the secretariat «MSK 21» took a collective decision to make additional requirements for candidates.

Since the main purpose of the Union sees the development in the first place, high-quality classical music, to continue the application of persons working in various types of «light» genre — pop and original songs, jazz, etc. It will be considered only in the context of special additional sections.

Exceptions will be made for musicals writers, operettas and composers who write for Academic folk choirs, mixed choirs and orchestra of folk instruments.

At the same time candidates are required to submit the materials of which are visible at least minimal skills with compositional technique — motivic and leitmotif of work, knowledge of musical styles and features of different types of orchestras and solo instruments, possession of basic kinds of musical forms.

Practice shows that this is not always necessary to finish faculty composition, but without the presence of this knowledge is not a professional composer.

We look forward to a proper understanding on the part of the candidates — do not want to turn our Union into a kind of a composer «thoroughfare».